Regulatory Notices

Payment Service Directive

On 1st November 2009, the Payment Service Directive (PSD) was brought into legislation in Ireland and throughout the EU. This directive ensures the same legal framework applies to all payments made within Europe. In January 2018, Payment services Directive II (PSD II) came into force which replaces the PSD. The attached document outlines your ‘framework contract’ with us in relation to the particular account for the purposes of regulation. Please download the document below for further information.

Framework Contract PSD2 March 2018

Deposit Guarantee Scheme

Under the EU Directive on the Deposit Guarantee Scheme, credit unions are obliged to provide certain depositor information to new and existing members by way of the standardised Depositor Information Sheet (DIS). Please click below to access the Depositor Information Sheet (DIS) and contact details if you require further information on the Deposit Guarantee Scheme.

Depositor Information Sheet May 2017

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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